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Efficiency Toolbox

Safe, efficient, simple, and powerful toolset. Born for efficiency and making your life easier. Free forever. Collection of practical and powerful tools. It is born for efficiency and making your life easier.


Classic Bricks puzzle

These classic games recall the memories of your childhood! This collection includes a few classic bricks puzzle games, which recall the memories of your childhood.


Guess Flag Challenge

Learn countries and regions Flags by game. All countries and regions in the world have their own flags, and the world can begin with the banner of understanding them. Let's learn flags through games together. Have fun!


Lucky numbers & make decisions

This project generates a unique lucky number for each user based on the core theoretical algorithm of Chinese Zhouyi numerology. And based on this as the core basis to provide users with a series of free peripheral services.

Roulette EC

Your Roulette Game Strategist

Roulette EC (Effortless Casino) is more than just a roulette assistant – it's your secret weapon for an enhanced gaming experience. Dive into a world of insightful charts and statistics tailored for roulette enthusiasts. Every detail, from occurrence frequencies to betting ratios, is at your fingertips.


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